September 19, 2023
Scott Maucione


“…The potential bill would expand the authority of Maryland’s Prescription Drug Affordability (PDAB).

That organization was created by the state legislature in 2019 and is currently working on setting payment limits on drugs covered by state and local government insurance plans.

“The board made it very clear that the priority is the affordability for the patient,” Andrew York, executive director of PDAB said. “Anything that we do needs to help the patients in their pocketbooks and that’s a very clear directive from the board.”

The PDAP is formulating a plan on how it will enforce the upper payment limits on drugs.

York says mechanisms to do that may include implementation of existing rebates or negotiating with drug companies.

The board will then need to have that plan approved by the General Assembly’s Legislative Policy Committee before it can go forward.

If the new legislation makes it into law, the board would be able to place those limits on privately insured plans as well.”

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Last modified: September 20, 2023