The Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition has worked tirelessly since 1999 to develop policy solutions that improve health care access, affordability, and quality for the people of Maryland.  We are known for our consumer-driven organizing and our ability to bring diverse stakeholders together in support of meaningful policy change.

Health care is essential. That is why we have built the state’s largest and most diverse coalition of health care consumers working to improve access to quality health care throughout the state. We do this through community outreach and education, serving on state workgroups and legislative advocacy. Please join us as we work on these specific initiatives to improve health care access and affordability: 

  • Subsidies
  • Reinsurance
  • Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program
  • Ensuring a strong Medicaid program and state health insurance marketplace 

The Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition acknowledges that we must meaningfully address disparities in health care access and health care outcomes if we are to achieve our mission of ensuring that ALL Marylanders have access to health care. That is why we have actively partnered with organizations like the NAACP and many others over the past twenty years to work toward a future where everyone can thrive in Maryland regardless of race, ethnicity, age, income, gender, sexual orientation, or geography. 

Staff and board members vet every policy the Coalition considers through an equity lens so that we can prioritize our efforts on those that will have the greatest impact on advancing health equity. Recent examples include our support of the Healthy Babies Equity Act which expanded Medicaid eligibility for pregnant people and their children regardless of immigration status and our Health Equity Resource Communities Initiative which will direct $59M of new state investment in community-designed and driven initiatives to remove barriers to care.

No one should have to choose between basic necessities like paying for rent and groceries or the prescription drugs they need to live. The Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition has been among the vanguard of advocates working to rein in rising drug costs. Please join us as we work on these specific initiatives to improve prescription drug affordability: 

We have earned national recognition for our unique and effective approach to public health advocacy. Feel free to download the materials in our toolkit below and contact us to schedule a presentation for your class or group.