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LTE: Bring affordable health care to more Baltimoreans

May 5, 2022

our organization, the Baptist Ministers’ Night Conference of Baltimore and Vicinity, endorses the new health agenda advanced by the Health Care for All! Coalition and documented in a recent commentary by Vincent DeMarco. We urge all of our fellow faith communities to also endorse this lifesaving proposal by going to healthcareforall.com/resolution.... Read more »

Op-ed: A three-pronged approach to widening health care access in Maryland

April 21, 2022

Our organization, the Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition, will be reaching out across the state to build support for a three-pronged health care agenda we believe is urgently needed.... Read more »

Op-Ed: Small-business health care: a win for owners, employees and the bottom line

January 3, 2022

To encourage more small businesses to provide health care to their employees, we will propose that the state commit $45 million of federal funds received by the State to help small businesses pay for health insurance for workers through Maryland Health Connection. ... Read more »

Pew: A Simple Tool Has Brought Health Insurance to Thousands

November 16, 2021

Maryland and Massachusetts, soon to be followed by other states, now allow taxpayers to begin the sign-up for health care coverage on their tax returns, aiming to draw many residents into low- or no-cost plans they may not know they qualify for.... Read more »

Dan Rodricks: For Marylanders 18 to 34, a deal on health insurance and a brief history lesson

November 5, 2021

If you are between the ages of 18 and 34 and still don’t have health insurance, you should look into it this month. There are millions of dollars in new subsidies... Read more »

WYPR: It’s open enrollment time for health insurance plans

November 1, 2021

As open enrollment for state health insurance kicks off Monday, health advocates and local leaders are urging young Marylanders to enroll in affordable health insurance plans.... Read more »

Maryland Matters: ‘Less Than Three Fancy Coffee Drinks’: New Program Offers Low-Cost Health Insurance to Young Adults

Beginning Monday, young adults in Maryland can enroll in a health insurance program through the state’s public health benefits exchange platform for as little as $1 a month.... Read more »

Baltimore Sun: Open enrollment on Maryland health exchange readies to launch with new subsidies for young adults

October 28, 2021

Open enrollment for 2022 plans on the exchange begins Nov. 1, and the local executives, plus some state lawmakers, specifically sought to draw attention to funds newly available for young adults — who go without insurance more often than any other age group.... Read more »

Maryland Reporter: State and local leaders tout new health care subsidy ahead of open enrollment

Maryland’s state and local leaders came together Thursday to urge young adults between the ages of 18-34 to take advantage of a new state subsidy that is designed to make health insurance more affordable.... Read more »

Maryland Matters: Van Hollen Seeks to Expand Maryland’s Check-the-Box Insurance Enrollment Nationwide

October 20, 2021

U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D) announced Tuesday that he is seeking to expand access to health insurance to millions of Americans by mirroring an existing state law that allows people to enroll through the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange by checking a box on their tax returns.... Read more »