Media Statement: Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative Applauds Premium Rate Drop for Individual Health Insurance Plans for 3rd Year in a Row

We are thrilled that premium rates will drop for individual health insurance plans by double digits


Marylanders in Obamacare individual market poised to see rate drop thanks to reinsurance

“We need to build on this success to stabilize premiums over the long term by passing two key


U.S. approves waiver allowing Maryland to lower Obamacare premium costs

Vincent DeMarco, president of the Maryland Health Care for All Coalition, said he is “thrilled”

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Four public hearings announced for state reinsurance proposal

The purpose of the program is to hold down consumer cost and bring greater certainty to


Maryland’s year of health care

Health care advocates sought to follow up on last year’s anti-price gouging bill for generic


Experts say Md.’s new reinsurance initiative a short-term fix

“One important question for the legislature to grapple with is, if we in Maryland have a certain


Maryland lawmakers set to do what Congress can’t: protect Obamacare with tax on insurers

Maryland’s Republican governor and Democratic legislature have forged a striking bipartisan


Maryland’s ingenious plan to fix Obamacare

Maryland can show other states how to make the Obamacare system work. It should embrace the


Maryland ponders ways to stabilize health insurance markets

A separate measure that received a hearing would create an individual health care mandate at the


Md. Senate committee considers complicated health care changes

Daily Record February 21, 2018 Tim Curtis ANNAPOLIS — Maryland lawmakers were still making