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Maryland’s Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program: An Innovative Approach to Covering the Eligible Uninsured

May 13, 2019

A major innovation to enroll the eligible uninsured is being enacted on a bipartisan basis in Maryland. ... Read more »

Maryland legislature passes laws to make health insurance enrollment easier and create drug price board

April 15, 2019

Health coverage will be easier to secure for uninsured Marylanders and prescriptions could become cheaper for government workers under legislation passed by the General Assembly, which took up a slate of related measures before adjourning for the year.... Read more »

It’s Maryland’s chance to lead on drug prices

March 28, 2019

The House of Delegates voted 98-40 Wednesday in favor of a bill that would create a prescription drug affordability board, a body that would be empowered to evaluate the cost of particularly expensive medications, or those whose prices increase significantly.... Read more »

Here’s a way Maryland can stabilize Obamacare, despite federal sabotage

March 5, 2019

As the Trump administration has torn holes in the Affordable Care Act, Maryland and a handful of other states have repaired the policy fabric within their borders — and achieved stability in their individual health-care markets. With tangible success in hand, the state’s General Assembly should now double down.... Read more »

Md. health insurance ‘down payment’ improvement over ACA mandate

February 20, 2019

Maryland policy makers are working in a bipartisan manner in the best interests of the citizens of Maryland. The most recent adjustment being proposed to protect Maryland patients is the creation of a Health Insurance Down Payment Plan.... Read more »

State lawmakers consider using a penalty to coax more Marylanders into buying health insurance

February 13, 2019

Maryland could be “an exciting model” for other states. ... Read more »

Health groups back health insurance down payment insurance plan in MD

Supporters say it’s a creative way of trying to protect the federal Affordable Care Act in Maryland... Read more »

Health groups back downpayment insurance in Maryland

Cecil Daily February 13, 2019   ANNAPOLIS (AP) — Health organizations in Maryland are backing a proposal to create an individual health care mandate at the state level. Several groups and lawmakers will gather in Annapolis on Wednesday to endorse legislation in the Maryland General Assembly that would revive the mandate that was gutted at […]... Read more »

Maryland’s health care for all proposal

Fox 45 February 13, 2019 Struggling to protect the Affordable Care Act, some states are now proposing legislation to keep the individual mandate by relabeling it as a “healthcare down payment.” Vincent Demarco, from the Maryland Citizens Health Initiative, joins Fox45 to talk about a proposal that will help people buy insurance.... Read more »

Health care advocates propose bill to create health insurance down payment

A coalition of health care advocates is backing a bill that creates a health insurance down payment plan.... Read more »