Maryland Matters

By Hannah Gaskill

October 15, 2020


“Following the 2017 attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act, the Maryland General Assembly created the Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Commission, ‘which is set up, basically, in the event the ACA was thrown out by the Congress at the time, [to address] how would Maryland respond,’ said state Sen. Brian J. Feldman (D-Montgomery).

According to Betsy Plunkett, a spokeswoman from the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange, 750,000 Marylanders were uninsured before the Affordable Care Act was enacted.

Feldman, the commission’s Senate chair, said approximately 400,000 state residents have gained access to health insurance since the federal law was enacted in 2010, dropping the number of uninsured Marylanders from 12% to 6%.”

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Last modified: October 15, 2020