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Commentary: 6% of Marylanders are uninsured. Here’s how we can get them covered.

The ACA has reduced number of uninsured, and state can build on efforts to boost insurance


A three-pronged approach to widening health care access in Maryland

Helping more Marylanders get coverage, improving their health and peace of mind, is the right thing


Maryland’s ingenious plan to fix Obamacare

Maryland can show other states how to make the Obamacare system work. It should embrace the


The sleeper issue in 2018: Obamacare

A health plan 'down payment' is one way states try retooling individual mandate.


Here’s why Maryland needs a Basic Health Plan

Washington Post February 22, 2018 Op-Ed-Delegate Robbyn Lewis Health care is a human right. Without


Don’t let pharma take down a new Maryland price gouging law

Washington Post Jeremy A. Greene – Op-Ed September 8th 2017 Jeremy A. Greene is a professor


MD CARE Act helps caregivers and patients

LifeBridge Health, for example, has started a pilot program, the Maryland Faith Health Network,


Partnerships improve healthcare in Maryland

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed By Carmela Coyle July 1, 2015 For decades, as health care costs continued to