It’s finally here. After a lot of waiting, a complete rebuild of the website, a ramped up call center (855 642 8572), and an entire force of trained navigators from all across the state, the second round of open enrollment for the Maryland Health Connection is up and running and working well. Click here and scroll down to find information about events scheduled in your area.

As many of you know, the first go around of enrollment had a variety of challenges no one foresaw, expected, or were pleased with. This time, we have a completely new website that has been extensively tested for a staggering amount of unique scenarios and bugs, as well as a call center with almost triple the amount of live people ready and willing to provide Marylanders the help they need to choose and get enrolled in coverage they so desperately want. There are also teams of people on the ground in six regions of the state that are ready to answer questions, walk consumers through financial subsidies, help determine levels and availability of affordable coverage, and then help you plan your next steps once you have attained a foot in the door.

There are options this year that have been expanded after the lessons we have learned in the past year. The website was rolled out in a gradual process to let consumers window shop and compare plans without having to enter personal information first. There are already 20 in-person fairs or events planned so you can have in-person assistance, with each regional helper organization committed to planning more. For the first time there are also store fronts in some areas of the state so you can walk in and explore, with help, what might work for you and your family.

If social media is your fancy, then check out Maryland Health Connection out on FacebookTwitter(@MarylandConnect), and YouTube. Just an example of what is available – on the YouTube channel there are stories of fellow Marylanders that got coverage through the Connection, but also tips on what to do after you enroll, what’s new, etc… And, as always, as of November 19th you can just go to and GET COVERED!

So, open enrollment is here. You have until December 18th to enroll to ensure coverage starting January 1, 2015. That being said, enrollment is open until February 15th, so there is certainly time to shop, plan, and decide, but if you are ready to get moving you certainly can! If you or your kids are eligible for the Medicaid program there is never an open or closed enrollment – it’s there every day of the year to help you get the care you need. There has been a tremendous amount of work done from a variety of stakeholders over the last year to make this enrollment period a success, and we are so pleased to be moving in a positive direction where the most important thing is that our family, friends, and neighbors have a functioning system to ensure that we all have access to affordable quality coverage.

Last modified: November 21, 2014