Maryland Matters
June 12, 2023
Danielle Brown


“Vincent DeMarco, president of Maryland Health Care for All, said that Medicaid unwinding and the reconsideration period is “not an easy process” and noted that some people may lose coverage even if they are still eligible.

“Despite the media campaign, people may just not know about it,” Demarco said. “And remember, a lot of these folks are in situations where they’re struggling with paying the rent and making it through day-by-day on their incomes … even if they know, they just find it hard to go through the process.”

But he is encouraged by the first round of data from the state’s Medicaid Check-in campaign.

“We think that the numbers are really good — that 76,000 people have had their coverage extended,” DeMarco said.

“The health department is doing everything it can to make sure that those who are eligible for health care coverage continue to be covered, despite the end of the public health emergency auto enrollment requirement,” he added.”

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Last modified: June 13, 2023