Media Advisory

February 19, 2015

Today, the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative released a new survey by respected pollster Steve Raabe of OpinionWorks showing that Marylanders by 59% to 31% oppose Governor Larry Hogan’s health care cuts for pregnant women.  The survey also shows that 65%  of Marylanders, including 51% of Republicans, support a one dollar per pack increase in the state tobacco tax to restore health care cuts for pregnant women.  See Memo from Steve Raabe.

“We join the overwhelming majority of Marylanders in strongly urging Governor Hogan to restore the cuts he has proposed in health care for pregnant women,” said Vincent DeMarco, President of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative. “We also urge him listen to the majority of Marylanders, including a majority of Republicans, who support our proposed one dollar increase in the state tobacco tax to both save lives by reducing smoking, particularly among young people, and help restore these cuts.  We urge Governor Hogan to protect pregnant women by restoring their health benefits and protect teens from tobacco by endorsing our tobacco tax proposal.  Governor Hogan would be joining three Republican Governors who have this year proposed major tobacco tax increases: Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas has proposed a $1.50 per pack increase; Governor John Kasich of Ohio has proposed a $1 per pack increase; and Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada has proposed a 40 cents per pack increase.”

The Health Care for All! Coalition is a broad-based coalition of over 1200 faith, labor, business and community groups that have been working to guarantee all Marylanders access to quality, affordable health care. To learn more, visit


Last modified: February 19, 2015