June 6, 2017
Devin Bartolotta

A landmark law soon on the books in Maryland is fighting back against soaring prescription drug prices, becoming the first state in the country to make price gouging illegal.

Now, advocates want to hear what you’re paying.

Devin Bartolotta has more on why Maryland families are being asked to share their experiences.

The new law comes into effect at the beginning of fall, and advocates are now searching for evidence to enforce it.

Prescription drugs can mean life or death for millions.

“We had an emergency this past week, where if we hadn’t had the Epi-Pen, he might have died,” says mother of three Suzanne Schlatmann.

But for many Marylanders, like Suzanne Schlattman’s family, they’ve nearly been put out of reach.

Prices for drugs that treat allergies, infections, diabetes and much more, are skyrocketing by hundreds, even thousands of percents.

“At the rate that it’s been increasing, we can’t. It’s not sustainable for our family,” says Schlattman

Families like Suzanne’s have shared their experiences of pharmacy sticker shock.

But now, Maryland health advocates are hoping stories like those will start pouring in

A new website lets Marylanders submit how much they pay for prescription drugs, all in support of a new law that makes unreasonable price hikes of generic prescription drugs illegal in Maryland.

“And if the attorney general can’t take action on their particular case, we’re going to be looking at those stories to see if we other legislation next year in Annapolis,” says Vinny Demarco, with Maryland Healthcare for all.

He says Maryland is leading the country by example, preparing to fight big pharma on behalf of those who need it most.

Maryland lawmakers are hoping this legislation serves as a model for other states to fight back against drug price gouging.

You can share how much you pay for prescriptions on the HealthCare For All Website.

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Last modified: June 12, 2017