Maryland NonProfits
July 15, 2015

Guest Blog post by Matthew Celentano and Stephanie Klapper of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative Education Fund, Inc.

Health care reform is here to stay but we certainly know that doesn’t mean our work is over. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) hundreds of thousands of Marylanders that never had access to health coverage can now get quality, affordable care. Today there are over 1 million Marylanders on the Medicaid program, the life-saving health coverage program for working low-income Marylanders. This is an extremely significant portion of our friends, families and neighbors.

One challenge we face right now is that in the next few months hundreds of thousands of Marylanders must start getting comfortable with a new technology system.

We ALL need to pitch in to make sure our friends and neighbors who are on the Medicaid program follow some easy steps so they don’t fall through the cracks!


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Last modified: July 16, 2015