Rob Flaks
February 20, 2024


Maryland Healthcare for All Director Vinny DeMarco tells 47ABC that the state was able to drop the total insured population from 13 percent state-wide down to 6 percent resulting in savings for all who bought into the market.

DeMarco tells 47ABC that undocumented Marylanders can already buy private healthcare while jumping through significant hoops and paying high rates.

“That has reduced uncompensated care by over $460 million, which would have gone right into our premiums today. If you’re undocumented, you can’t have access to the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, which means it’s a lot harder for you to get health insurance,” DeMarco said adding “When people don’t have health insurance, they go to emergency rooms and up goes all of our uncompensated care. And the more healthy people are in the health pool, the better it is for all our insurance premiums.”

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Last modified: February 27, 2024