From The Baltimore Sun

by Luke Broadwater

April 24, 2019


As he considers a run for president, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan spoke Tuesday to an influential crowd of about 100 business and political leaders in New Hampshire — and, after the speech, criticized Donald Trump, calling a federal investigation’s findings into the president’s conduct “disturbing” and arguing that Trump narrowly avoided being charged with obstruction.

Here are six takeaways from Hogan’s appearance at the “Politics & Eggs” speaker series — considered a “must” stop for presidential hopefuls — at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

Hogan voiced support for lowering prescription drug prices

Asked by an audience member about the high price of prescription drugs across the country, Hogan appeared to endorse a proposal from Maryland’s Democratic legislature to establish a board to study capping prescription costs for state and municipal employees.

“We just passed a bill in our legislature to try to address this issue,” Hogan said. “There’s no question it has to be addressed.”

It was unclear which specific bill Hogan was referring to, but Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly this year approved a board to conduct a two-year study to determine ways to control high drug costs, including capping drug prices in state and local government health plans. That legislation awaits Hogan’s signature.

Vincent DeMarco, who leads the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative, praised the governor’s statement.

“We’re thrilled that the governor wants to do something about prescription drug affordability,” DeMarco said. “We hope he signs the bill.”

Last modified: April 24, 2019