Maryland Matters
May 23, 2023
Danielle J. Brown


“Maryland’s Prescription Drug Affordability Board will issue revised proposed regulations meant to guide the panel’s work on making some medications more affordable, following criticisms and feedback during a public comment period, according to Andrew York, the board’s executive director…

Maryland Healthcare for All recommended that the board make a strong effort to ensure that Marylanders who are affected by the cost of prescription drugs are heard during the board’s deliberations.

“We feel there is opportunity for more patient-centric input collection in this process,” wrote Catherine Kirk Robins, deputy director for the group.

She elaborated: “Beyond looking at prices for the product, rebates, and copay/coinsurance amounts, it would be beneficial for the Board to hear directly from patients who use the prescription drug product. We would encourage that the process includes a public hearing that is specifically designed to help the Board engage with patients, providers, and advocacy groups regarding the prescription drug product, beyond the standard open meeting.”

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Last modified: May 23, 2023