December 1, 2017

On Monday, Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke plans on endorsing a proposal that would make expensive name brand drugs more affordable.

Councilwoman Clarke is endorsing the 2018 Prescription Drug Affordability Initiative at the December 4 meeting of the Baltimore City Council. The initiative was proposed by the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative at the Maryland General Assembly.

The initiative is building on the success of Maryland’s law from 2017 that banned price gouging by manufacturers of generic and off-patent prescription drugs.

“Maryland is leading the nation in making prescription drugs more affordable,” said Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke. “We need to build on our progress this past General Assembly Session to enact strong legislation to ensure consistent oversight of prescription drugs affordability.”

The President of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative also released a statement saying they commend Councilwoman Clarke for introducing the Resolution to the City Council.

Last modified: December 4, 2017