Baltimore Sun
February 4, 2015

Letter to the editor:

The Sun’s coverage of the Orioles’ Adam Jones participating in health outreach is a good starting point to discuss the home run for consumers that is health reform in Maryland (“Adam Jones premieres health exchange radio ad,” Jan. 30). Let’s face it, Maryland’s insurance marketplace has not always had a winning record. But now in 2015 Maryland Health Connection has seen a huge turnaround with close to 200,000 people signing up for health care coverage since the launch in November. With new technology in place it’s easier than ever to find new low­cost health care plans that all cover annual checkups, prescriptions and preventive care.

Mr. Jones is one of so many Marylanders spreading the word about calling 211 to get information about eligibility for new health plans available on the state marketplace. In December, faith leaders from across the state encouraged their congregants to shop around among the quality, affordable options. Orioles prospect Adrian Marin appeared in radio ads in Spanish and English talking about the new plans and the financial assistance available. As we approach the February 15 enrollment deadline for coverage for the rest of 2015, we’re taking it to the big leagues with this new ad.

Adam Jones has pride in his team and pride in this state. With his help the Orioles are on the upswing, and so too is our ability to ensure high­quality, low­cost health coverage for our fellow Marylanders. We encourage Marylanders to listen to Adam, call 211, seek in person assistance, or go to to find out more about how to get enrolled.

Matthew Celentano, Baltimore The writer is deputy director of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative.

Last modified: February 5, 2015