Happy Birthday
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act!

Today marks the first anniversary of federal health reform and there is much to celebrate!  On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed historic legislation into law that reforms America’s broken health care system.  In just one year, thanks to the leadership of Governor O’Malley and Lt. Governor Brown, Maryland has made great progress in implementing federal reform and the Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition has participated in the process as a voice for health care consumers. While other states focus energy on repealing the reform, Governor O’Malley knows that Marylanders have much to gain from increased access to care.  Not only will hundreds of thousands of currently uninsured Marylanders get health care coverage, but the state will also save $850 million over the next 10 years thanks to this new law.  Some Marylanders are already benefiting from reform, including:

  • 700,000 Medicare enrollees who are now eligible for free preventive services and free annual wellness visit
  • 54,723 seniors in the Medicare “donut hole” received a $250 rebate check to help with prescription costs
  • 25,700 young adults who can now stay on their parents’ insurance up to age 26
  • 320,000 children who cannot be denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition
  • 76,796 small businesses that provide health care to employees are now eligible for a federal tax credit

About 350,000 Marylanders will gain health care coverage by the time this law is fully implemented in 2014. Stay tuned!

Not sure how health reform helps you and your family?

  • Own a small business? Nonprofit? Are you self-employed? Figure out if you can get a tax credit for health insurance at our new campaign site: www.smallbusinesstaxcredits.com
  • Give us a call! We’ve done a lot of outreach around the state to educate Marylanders about new coverage opportunities.  We’d be happy to come to your organization’s meeting or event to share more info about how to take advantage of all of the great new coverage opportunities.
We are thrilled to collaborate with the O’Malley/Brown Administration to enact the federal reform to the fullest extent possible to ensure quality, affordable health care for all Marylanders.  Enjoy this special day!
Last modified: March 23, 2011