Baltimore Sun
Angela Roberts
March 24, 2023


“Though Maryland is one of the most well-covered states in the nation, there are still about 250,000 residents who don’t have health insurance, Moore said in his inaugural address. This legislative session, a group of Democratic lawmakers sponsored legislation to make health coverage more accessible and affordable.

House and Senate bills that automatically would enroll eligible SNAP recipients into Medicaid have each cleared one chamber. The legislation would help an estimated 65,000 uncovered Marylanders get insurance, while reducing paperwork, the Health Care for All! Coalition said Tuesday in a news release.

Another cross-filed measure — versions of which have also cleared the House and Senate — would extend a pilot program that provided state subsidies to decrease the cost of health insurance for young adults ages 18 to 34.

A bill that would allow people to purchase health coverage from the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange regardless of immigrant status has passed the House. And another measure, which would require the state to study how to expand Medicaid and the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program coverage to all Marylanders and expand subsidies for private health coverage regardless of immigration status, has passed the Senate.

The Senate and House also passed versions of legislation that would confirm the authority of the Prescription Drug Affordability Board to set upper payment limits for prescription drugs that are purchased or paid for by state and local governments. And an additional $1 million for the board has been included in both the House and Senate versions of the budget.”

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Last modified: March 31, 2023