From Maryland Matters

By Danielle E. Gaines

January 7, 2020

Health care

Maryland has a new prescription drug affordability board … however the board must come up with a way to fund its own operations. The bill crafting a funding mechanism was originally expected in 2021, but the head of the panel said Monday he wants it done this year.

Health care advocates in Maryland will work this session to enshrine as much of the federal Affordable Care Act into state law as possible, in case Obamacare is struck down by the Supreme Court. Bills are likely to be considered that would require insurance policies to cover pre-existing conditions and allow young adults to remain on their parents’ insurance until 26, popular provisions of the current federal law.

And advocates of “death with dignity” may try again this session, after last year’s unexpected tie vote in the Senate.

Last modified: January 9, 2020