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LTE: Maryland deserves nothing less

October 19, 2018

The Frederick News-Post October 19, 2018 Thomas Slater The cost of prescription drugs is skyrocketing out of control, sometimes with terrible consequences for people who depend on those drugs to survive. I hear more and more about people having to choose between basic necessities like food and housing vs. purchasing their prescription drugs. Yet at […]... Read more »

Attorney General Frosh appeals to U.S. Supreme Court to uphold Maryland’s law curbing drug price-gouging

The Baltimore Sun By: Michael Dresser October 19, 2018 Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh on Friday appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court an earlier decision by a federal court that struck down a Maryland law to curb unreasonable price increases for generic drugs. The General Assembly passed the so-called “price-gouging” law in 2017 at the […]... Read more »

Maryland attorney general asks Supreme Court to uphold generic price gouging law

Stat By: Ed Silverman OCTOBER 19, 2018 The Maryland Attorney General has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a decision last spring that a state law enacted to punish generic drug makers for price gouging was unconstitutional. The law permitted the Maryland Medicaid program to notify the state attorney general when an “essential” drug […]... Read more »

Frosh takes generic drug price-gouging appeal to Supreme Court

The Daily Record By: Steve Lash October 19, 2018 Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh on Friday urged the U.S. Supreme Court to revive the state’s law aimed at preventing unwarranted price increases of generic drugs. In papers filed with the justices, Frosh pressed the high court to review and overturn a lower-court decision that struck the […]... Read more »

Statement: Maryland Attorney General to seek U.S. Supreme Court review of Maryland’s anti-drug price-gouging law

The Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative applauds Attorney General Brian Frosh’s decision to ask the US Supreme Court to uphold Maryland's landmark anti-drug price-gouging law. ... Read more »

Op-Ed: Make America healthy again

October 11, 2018

The Washington Post recently published an article citing the fact that “Americans spend approximately 90 percent more for the medicines they use, as a percentage of income, than do citizens of the five largest European markets,” Moreover, for every dollar that we spend on health care, the largest percentage goes to prescription drugs.... Read more »

Getting on Board

October 4, 2018

More than 130 candidates for state office – including Democratic gubernatorial nominee Benjamin T. Jealous – have pledged to support a proposal to create a Prescription Drug Affordability Board.... Read more »

130 General Assembly Candidates Support Prescription Drug Affordability Board

October 3, 2018

Legislation to set up a Prescription Drug Affordabilty Board has received the support of 130 candidates running for the General Assembly. ... Read more »

LTE: Drug Affordability

October 1, 2018

My doctor prescribed seven different medications costing about $3,800 per month with insurance coverage — an amount that is all but impossible for me to cover.... Read more »

Letter to the editor: Achieving affordable health care for Marylanders

August 7, 2018

The Daily Record August 2, 2018 “Md. insurers make case for premium increases before reinsurance” describes Maryland applying to the federal government for a reinsurance program to help stabilize the individual market in the short term. Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative commends Maryland for taking this important step forward. For long-term stability, Maryland will also need to […]... Read more »