From Maryland Matters

By Bruce DePuyt

January 7, 2020


The leader of Maryland’s effort to force reductions in the cost of prescription drugs expressed cautious optimism on Monday that a new state panel will be able to deliver relief to consumers — but he cautioned that results are not foreordained.

Van T. Mitchell, the chairman of the Maryland Prescription Drug Affordability Board, said it will take a coordinated effort from manufacturers, insurers and others.

Maryland’s Prescription Drug Affordability Board is believed to be the first of its kind in the nation. Vincent DeMarco, the head of the Maryland Citizens Health Initiative, said a dozen others states have expressed an interest in following Maryland’s lead.

The pharmaceutical industry is watching the state’s efforts closely, and DeMarco seemed to acknowledge that legal challenges are possible.

“Our belief is that a state can do that — that a state can say you can charge whatever you want, but we’re going to only pay what’s affordable,” he told the crowd.


Last modified: January 9, 2020