The Health Care for All! Coalition has been getting a lot of calls and website comments lately regarding new health insurance options that are now available in Maryland thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

We’re thrilled to answer each question we receive, but want to also alert consumers to some other great resources–including those available in other languages.

First, if you don’t have insurance, check out your local “Connector Entity.” Connector Entities are agencies that have trained staff to assist with enrollment into the new insurance plans and can be the best resource for other local resources. Click here to check out the Connector Entity nearest you.

Second, if you already have insurance, chances are you won’t be affected by these new health insurance options, but may have even more comprehensive coverage thanks to some other aspects of the Affordable Care Act, check out our brochure “Health Insurance Just got Better” in multiple languages to learn more.


Third, we have trained over 50 lay ministers to give brief presentations about the law in places of worship throughout the state. If you would like to invite someone to come to give a temple talk or full presentation at your next worship service, meeting or fellowship hour, please give us a call and we can get you on the schedule. Our Health Ambassadors are able to present information about the law in English, Spanish, French, Korean and Arabic.

Last modified: October 8, 2013