April 7, 2017

The Senate Finance Committee voted in support of moving our Prescription Drug Price Gouging bill to the floor of the Senate by 10-1! (HB 631 is a bill to curb rising prices of prescription drugs. This bill would give  Attorney General Brian Frosh the authority to go after drug corporations that arbitrarily raise the price of life saving medication purely for profit, also known as price gouging.)

Today the full Maryland Senate is expected to vote on the bill. We need your help ASAP to contact your state senator with a simple message:

“Please pass House Bill 631, a strong prescription drug price gouging bill supported by Attorney General Brian Frosh.  Please don’t let the drug corporations weaken the price gouging bill.”

We have made great progress with one week remaining in the legislative session. We must not let the prescription drug corporations weaken the bill! Our friends, family, and neighbors are being effected by skyrocketing and unjustifiable prescription drug cost increases on a daily basis, and the time for action is now!

Take a few minutes to drop a line and write a note to your state senator in support of this bill – your advocacy is crucial! Act now!!

Last modified: April 4, 2017