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Posts from — November 2012

Taxing cigarettes saves lives

November 26, 2012

Editorial board's view: Perhaps the single most effective public health intervention Maryland could take would be to increase the cigarette tax... Read more »

MD mulls even higher tax rates on cigarettes

"People aren't going to spend $4 in gas to save $1 on the cigarette tax [in another state]," he said. "There will be a little bit of that, but ultimately you're going to have fewer people smoking."... Read more »

Strong support but gaps in knowledge about new health care law

November 20, 2012

Support for the new federal health care law is solid in Maryland, but a survey released yesterday by The Horizon Foundation and the Health Care for All! Coalition finds that implementing it is going to be a challenge – a lot of people don’t know many details about how it will work.... Read more »

Survey finds Howard County voters favor health care reform act

"It shows that we have work to do as a county to make sure that everyone that is eligible for benefits can receive them," Vernick said.... Read more »

Marylanders strongly support Affordable Care Act, poll shows

"What is troubling," DeMarco said, "is that those who stand to benefit the most from the law seem to know the least about it."... Read more »

State Round-up, November 20, 2012

Maryland Reporter November 20, 2012 SUPPORTING AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: Maryland voters are supportive of health care reform even though some still haven’t grasped all the details, a new survey has found, Andrea Walker reports in the Sun. More than half of Howard County voters polled in the survey also support the Affordable Care Act, although […]... Read more »

Maryland voters supportive of health reform, survey finds

Maryland voters are supportive of health care reform even though some still haven't grasped all the details, a new survey has found.... Read more »

Survey: Maryland Voters Know Little About Federal Health Law

November 19, 2012

“We need to invest more in outreach,” said Vernick, whose organization is already working with other groups to launch education and communication campaigns. “There’s a huge opportunity in the next six to twelve months to make sure that people understand what they need to do,” she added.... Read more »

Marylanders standing to benefit from health reform law know least about it, survey says

Those numbers suggest there is significant room for improvement in educating the public about the law before it fully goes into effect January 2014.... Read more »

Tax the smokers again

The proposal is sure to face stiff opposition from tobacco companies. It's also sure to cut smoking rates even farther and to save more lives.... Read more »