Thank you to all of the candidates who support prescription drug affordability efforts in Maryland!

What is a Prescription Drug Affordability Candidate?

In 2019 Maryland’s General Assembly passed a law to create the nation’s first Prescription Drug Affordability Board with strong support in both the House and Senate.


Since its creation, the Board has begun its important work by focusing on drug purchases for state and local governments; however, the Board is additionally tasked with recommending ways in which its authority can be expanded to include making prescription drugs affordable for all Marylanders.


This next step will require legislative action and lawmakers willing to stand up to Big Pharma.


Prescription Drug Affordability Candidates are committed to ensuring all of our families and neighbors are able to afford the medicines they need by strengthening the Prescription Drug Affordability Board.

What is the issue?

We are all hurt by the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs. Recent polling shows that nearly a quarter of Marylanders have not taken their medication as prescribed due to costs, and half of all respondents reported feeling concerned about the cost of prescription drugs. Even those not directly impacted by high-cost drugs are paying the price of Big Pharma’s greed, as the cost of prescription drugs accounts for the largest percentage of health insurance premium dollars.

Additionally, in Maryland, where taxpayers support the pharmacy benefits of nearly one in three state residents, expensive medications can strain the budgets of our counties, cities, and towns, resulting in fewer resources for other necessary services.

It is time to hold drug corporations accountable. Maryland needs to strengthen its Prescription Drug Affordability Board so that it has the authority to make high-cost drugs more affordable for ALL of our state’s residents. Recent polling has shown that 88% of Marylanders are in favor of this legislative action, now we just need lawmakers who will continue to stand up to Big Pharma! 

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