This page details some of the PhRMA positions that have been presented in various states and provides responses to the common concerns raised by PhRMA and other PDAB opposition.

PhRMA Positions

Review of PhRMA Positions (2019)
PhRMA Letter
PhRMA Alternative Proposals
Opposition Comments on S 2211 (2017)

PhRMA Opposition

Response to Concerns

Horvath Health Policy has compiled the following documents:
PhRMA Opposition to PDAB
Responses to PhRMA PDAB Objections
Responses to PhRMA PDAB Objections
Will regulation of market behavior of prescription drug market participants reduce industry employment?

Maryland Response to Opposition Concerns (This document goes point-by-point through opposition testimony and addresses the issues raised.)

Stat News: Quantity over quality: FDA approved more cancer drugs than EMA, but they may not have always benefited patients (June 2022)

JAMA Network Open: The Timing of Cancer Drug Approvals in the United States and Europe (June 2022)

Last modified: July 27, 2022

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