Tell your legislators TODAY that you support lowering prescription drug costs!

Maryland’s first-in-the-nation Prescription Drug Affordability Board has begun to determine ways to make high-cost prescription drugs more affordable, beginning with a focus on state and local government entities. As the Board nears the release of its recommendations, drug corporations’ Big Pharma has already begun to flood social media with misinformation and scare tactics to try to stop the Board from taking effective action. At a time when one in three Marylanders reports having skipped a dose or rationed medication due to cost, legislators need to hear from you to take action to make prescription drugs affordable in our state.


Maryland is at a critical turning point: will we continue to lead the nation on prescription drug affordability, or will we bend to the pressures of Big Pharma’s greed?


Urge your legislators TODAY to support strengthening Maryland’s Prescription Drug Affordability Board by giving the Board the authority it needs to make high-cost drugs more affordable for all of us.