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The Plan

What is the Health Care for All! Plan?

The Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition united behind a goal to achieve quality affordable health care for all Marylanders. The Health Care for All! Plan is a plan that we came up with to achieve our goal.

If fully implemented, every adult resident would have access to care that they can afford, all children would be covered, businesses that provide health insurance will no longer subsidize those businesses that do not. In fact, our plan allows small businesses and individuals without employer coverage to pool their numbers and resources to get a wider choice of better, more affordable health care plans. Our plan would lower your monthly health care bills because it would reduce over head costs and focus on high value care. We believe that insurance companies shouldn’t be allowed to deny you coverage or hike your premiums because you get sick.

If you have health insurance you like through companies like BC/BS, Aetna, Kaiser, etc. you can keep it under our plan. If you don’t have coverage or if it’s too expensive, our plan lowers the cost to make coverage affordable. Those who cannot afford coverage in the private sector are offered public coverage.

In fact, our Health Care for ALL! Plan is consistent with the measures enacted as a part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This new federal law, will cover over 30 million Americans when fully implemented! We are now working with the Governor’s Health Reform Coordinating Council to ensure full and swift implementation of federal health reform, using the design and economic modeling in our Health Care for All! Plan as an ideal model for a stronger, all-inclusive,  affordable and high quality health care system in Maryland.