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Support the Prescription Drug Affordability Initiative!

How much did you spend on prescription drugs last year? What will your prescriptions cost you next year?

It’s truly maddening that when it comes to our essential, life-saving prescriptions, we have no way of knowing how a price of a drug is determined or when the price is going to increase beyond our means. More and more of us are making tough choices between paying for our drugs or paying rent. It is time to put an end to skyrocketing drug prices.

Making a donation to our Prescription Drug Affordability Initiative is the first step in the right direction.  With your support, we will make drug corporations disclose the basis for their high priced-drugs and notify the public of steep increases. Our Initiative  would also give the Attorney General’s office the authority to take legal action to prevent drug price gouging.

Polling shows very strong support for our proposal among Maryland voters–even across party lines.   However, the powerful drug corporations will be putting everything they’ve got into making sure they can maintain business as usual and we need to raise enough money to fight back. The status quo is not acceptable or sustainable.

Please make a donation to help us mount a strong campaign to overcome their opposition. With your donation, we can win this fight!