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Stories from 40 Marylanders who gained health care coverage since 2007

Faces of Maryland's Newly Insured Book Cover


In Maryland alone, over 250,000 people have gained access to quality, affordable health care thanks to bi-partisan reform enacted by our state legislature since 2007.

Prior to reform, there were 700,000 people in Maryland who were uninsured. Most of those who were uninsured were part of families where someone worked, but there were a lot of misconceptions about who the uninsured are and why they are uninsured.

Ms. Sarah Penna, an Open Society Institute Community Fellow, wanted to educate the public and policy makers about why improving access to health care is so important–for the uninsured and for the insured residents of Maryland. She interviewed over 300 people across the state to capture their stories in a book and short documentary we published in partnership with the MegaPhone Project entitled “Faces of Maryland’s Uninsured.”

Thanks to the courage and leadership of those who shared their stories, we were able to build support to improve access to health care in our state. In just three years, Maryland…

  • Expanded Medicaid eligibility for working families and foster kids
  • Helped young adults stay on their parents’ health insurance up to age 25
  • Provided discounts on prescription drugs to seniors
  • Improved access to mental health and substance abuse treatment for low-income adults
  • Created health care grants to help small businesses provide benefits to their employees

Thanks to these great new programs, over 200,000 people gained health care coverage. We wanted to thank the legislature for their leadership on health care and to reach out to other uninsured Marylanders who qualify for these new programs. So Ms. Brooke Hisle interviewed people who have been fortunate to benefit from these programs and published the sequel to the first volume of consumer stories and titled the work, “Faces of Maryland’s Newly Insured.”

Introduction to Faces of Maryland’s Newly Insured


Program Descriptions and Glossary

Stories According to Program:

Young Adult Stories Part IPart II

Small Business Story

Mental Health Improvement Stories

Senior Prescription Drug Discount Program Story

Stories According to Region:

Stories from Baltimore

Stories from Central Maryland

Stories from Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Stories from Southern Maryland

Stories from Western Maryland


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Do any of these stories sound familiar to you? Would you like to share your story so we can educate Marylanders about the important impact public health insurance programs or the lack of quality, affordable health care has had on your life?

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