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Build on the Affordable Care Act


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a great success in Maryland. Over 400,000 individuals in the state have gained health insurance coverage since the ACA was implemented. We are very proud of the Members of the Maryland Congressional Delegation who helped block efforts to repeal this life-saving law. We must do everything we can to build on the ACA to reach our goal of quality, affordable healthcare for all Maryland.

We are working to protect and build on healthcare in Maryland through the Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Commission.

Here is what we have accomplished in Maryland recently:

  • Won more affordable health insurance for low-income young adults. Thanks to new state-funded health insurance subsidies uninsured Marylanders between the ages of 18-34 will be able to access much more affordable coverage through the Maryland Health Connection. This pilot will last 2 years and is expected to stabilize premiums for Marylanders of all ages by attracting more healthy individuals to the health insurance risk pool. We thank the Maryland General Assembly and lead sponsors Delegate Ken Kerr and Senator Brian Feldman.


  • Made it easier for uninsured Marylanders to apply for health coverage:
    • In 2021 we successfully advocated for legislation to help unemployed Marylanders apply for health coverage when they fill out their unemployment insurance forms. We thank the Maryland General Assembly and lead sponsors Delegate Lorig Charkoudian and Senator Jim Rosapepe.
    • In 2019 we helped create the Maryland Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program. We thank the Maryland General Assembly for passing this measure and Senator Brian J. Feldman and Delegate Joseline A. Peña-Melnyk for being the lead sponsors. We thank Governor Hogan for signing it into law. Here’s how it works: Marylanders are asked on their state tax return if they had quality health coverage in the past year. If they answer no, they will be assisted in getting health coverage. They get the care they need while we shrink uncompensated care, holding down insurance costs for everyone. Click here to learn more!


  • Defended ACA gains in Maryland.
    • We are pleased that in 2020 the General Assembly enshrined key principles of the Affordable Care Act in Maryland law, and that that measure became law without the Governor’s signature. This measure was urgently needed as the Trump administration and others sought to overturn the ACA in court. If the ACA was overturned in court, its consumer protections would also be lost and people in Maryland and across the country would lose their insurance. Now we have a law on the books in Maryland to maintain these important consumer protections, including a ban on insurers discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions. We thank the lead sponsors on this measure, Senator Brian Feldman and Delegates Shane Pendergrass and Joseline Peña-Melnyk, for their leadership.
    • In 2018 we helped pass legislation to 1) create a reinsurance program to stabilize premiums on the individual market, 2) provide protections against proposed federal rules to expand substandard limited-duration plans and association health plans, and 3) compel the Health Insurance Coverage Protection Commission to study and report on creating a statewide individual mandate to replace the federal mandate that will no longer be effective starting in 2020 as well as the Basic Health Plan.
    • In 2017 with our strong support, the Maryland General Assembly created the Health Insurance Coverage Protection Commission which will monitor what happens in Washington and recommend how we can protect the health care of Marylanders. Our President, Vinny DeMarco, is a member of the Commission along with Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative Board Member and small business leader, Jamal Lee.


We at the Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition are championing an effort to build on these gains. Join us—share your story about what the ACA means to you. Click here to share your story.