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Faces of Maryland’s Newly Insured

Health reform works.

In Maryland alone, over 200,000 people have gained access to quality, affordable health care thanks to bi-partisan reform enacted by our state legislature since 2007.

* Expanded Medicaid eligibility for working families and foster kids
* Helped young adults stay on their parents plan to age 25
* Provided discounts on prescription drugs to seniors
* Improved access to mental health and substance abuse treatment for low-income adults
* Created health care grants to help small businesses provide benefits to their employees

We released the new book, “Faces of Maryland’s NEWLY INSURED” this year to highlight true stories about how health reform is working in the lives of real Marylanders.

These stories represent our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, sons, daughters, the small business owners in our communities and our co-workers.

We would like to thank the wonderful people who opened their homes and shared their personal stories with us to make this project possible.

Faces of Maryland’s Newly Insured


Stories According to Region

Family Stories from Baltimore
Family Stories from Central Maryland
Family Stories from the Eastern Shore
Family Stories from Southern MD
Family Stories from Western MD

Stories According to Program

Young adult stories Part I & Part II
Senior stories
Small Business Story
Mental Health stories

Program Descriptions and Glossary