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Tobacco Tax for Health Care

Healthy Maryland Initiative Archive

In November 2007, Governor Martin O’Malley signed SB 6 and HB 5 that raised the tobacco tax by $1 per pack and gave 100,000 Marylanders access to health care.  This victory was the result of a two year campaign we called the Healthy Maryland Initiative Campaign.

When the law goes fully into effect, Maryland will have the 4th highest tobacco tax in the nation (previously being ranked in the middle of states) and be among the top 10 states (previously being 10th worst in the nation) when it comes to adult eligibility for Medicaid.

The higher tobacco tax will prevent 50,000 teens from becoming addicted to tobacco and save a third of those kids from a tobacco-caused death.  Insuring an additional 100,000 Marylanders will save lives and reduce long-term health care costs for all of us.

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