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Posts from — May 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Prescription Drug Affordability Board Legislation to Become Law

May 24, 2019

Maryland legislation to create the nation’s first Prescription Drug Affordability Board will become law, giving the state a tool to establish maximum costs for certain drugs purchased by state and local governments. Governor Larry Hogan announced today he would neither veto nor sign the measure, which means it will go into effect July 1st.... Read more »

Maryland to let residents complete health insurance enrollment on tax forms

May 15, 2019

Maryland has become the first state in the country to make it possible for residents to complete a health insurance enrollment at the same time that they file their taxes.... Read more »

Maryland Becomes First State To Provide Health Insurance Enrollment On Tax Form

Maryland has become the first state to let residents sign up for the state’s health insurance program when they file their taxes.... Read more »

Governor Hogan Signs Measures to Add Marylanders to Health Insurance Rolls, Raise Tobacco Age to 21

May 14, 2019

Governor Larry Hogan signed a number of critical health care and crime prevention measures, including legislation that will add more Marylanders to the health insurance rolls.... Read more »

Maryland adds health insurance enrollment to tax filing

By checking a box on their state income tax returns, uninsured taxpayers can start the process of finding low-cost insurance coverage.... Read more »

Maryland to use tax forms to enroll residents in health insurance

In a first for the nation, Maryland will allow its residents to sign up for health insurance when they file their taxes in 2020... Read more »

Maryland Gov. Hogan signs bill to use tax return data to guide residents into health insurance

Proponents of the tax return question believe it could help at least 100,000 Marylanders enroll in no-cost or low-cost health insurance.... Read more »

Governor Signs Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program Bill

May 13, 2019

Governor Larry Hogan on Monday signed several health-related bills on Monday, including one to set up an Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program.... Read more »

Health Insurance, School Construction Focal Points of Annual Md. Bill-Signing

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Monday signed into law a third package of bills largely focusing on education and health insurance.... Read more »

Daily on Healthcare: Democrats again put the spotlight on Republicans for Obamacare attacks

Gov. Larry Hogan is expected to sign a bill into law Monday that would help people who are uninsured in Maryland sign up for coverage when they file their tax returns... Read more »