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Posts from — December 2018

Women, blacks, veterans: Maryland caucus leaders set goals for Maryland’s 2019 General Assembly session

December 31, 2018

Health care, immigration, education and criminal justice will remain the Maryland Legislative Latino Caucus' primary focuses in 2019. In addition to working to maintain the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, the group will push for an individual mandate down payment bill.... Read more »

Michael A. Pretl, personal injury attorney and health advocate, dies

December 28, 2018

Michael A. Pretl, a personal injury attorney, neighborhoods and health care activist and environmentalist, died of a heart attack Dec. 25 at the University of Maryland Medical Center. ... Read more »

Lawyer, Activist Mike Pretl Dies

Michael A. Pretl, a lawyer and progressive activist who has been associated with several high-profile causes through the years, died on Christmas Day following a heart attack three days earlier. He was 76.... Read more »

3 state legislative battles to watch in 2019

Democrats pushing for drug-pricing changes have momentum there, after a substantial proportion of sitting lawmakers and state legislative candidates ran on a pledge to pass a controversial bill that would create a rate-setting board for all purchasers of prescription drugs, including private insurance plans.... Read more »

Maryland cigarette and alcohol taxes were the right move for public health

December 22, 2018

The decline in tobacco use, which causes a third of heart-disease-related deaths, has had enormous health benefits. Higher cigarette taxes deserve much of the credit; similarly, increasing duties on alcohol can reduce binge drinking.... Read more »

Here’s what health care advocacy orgs are targeting in the 2019 session

December 19, 2018

One of the top legislative priorities for 2019 among health care advocacy groups is increasing drug affordability and transparency.... Read more »

New Ad Touts Public Health Success of Tobacco, Alcohol Taxes

The Maryland Healthcare for All Coalition is launching a video Wednesday demonstrating the success of alcohol and tobacco taxes to address public health issues in the state.... Read more »

New Video Demonstrates Success of Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes to Address Public Health Issues and Save Lives

The Maryland Healthcare for All Coalition today released a video demonstrating the success of alcohol and tobacco taxes to address public health issues and save lives. ... Read more »

The ruling striking down Obamacare probably won’t stand, but Maryland shouldn’t take any chances

December 17, 2018

Many expect that a Texas judge’s ruling Friday that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional will be overturned on appeal. But nutty things happen where the Affordable Care Act and the courts are concerned, so Maryland leaders would be well advised to prepare for the unexpected, illogical and downright foolish. ... Read more »

Black Caucus Makes Prescription Drug Bill a Top Priority for 2019

“This will be a key priority in the upcoming session for the Legislative Black Caucus, and we will work hard to pass this critically important legislation. It’s crucial for all Marylanders, especially people of color, to have fair and affordable costs for the prescription drugs we need.”... Read more »