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Posts from — April 2011

General Assembly passes tax hike in final hours

April 12, 2011

"In these times of tough budget problems, other states should do what Maryland did, raise money in a way that saves lives," DeMarco said. "This alcohol tax increase will save many lives and raise enough money to fund critical health care and community service needs."... Read more »

Celebrating the passage of alcohol tax

The Lorraine Sheehan Alcohol Tax Coalition commends the Maryland General Assembly for voting to raise an alcohol specific tax for the first time in 40 years. We urge Governor Martin O'Malley to sign this life-saving measure.... Read more »

In MD legislature, liquor tax passes…

In Maryland legislature, liquor tax passes, immigrant tuition deal reached The Washington Post April 12, 2011 By John Wagner, Aaron C. Davis and Ann E. Marimow The Democratic-led Maryland General Assembly strong-armed through a tax increase on alcohol in the final hours of its 90-day session Monday while voting to grant undocumented immigrants a break […]... Read more »

Md. Assembly approves alcohol tax increase, school funding

The General Assembly voted late Monday night to approve an increase in the state alcohol sales tax, sending the legislation to the governor on the session's final day.... Read more »

General Assembly Session Ends

"We join national public health leaders in thanking the Maryland General Assembly for taking this courageous action to reduce underage drinking and alcohol abuse in our state," said Vincent DeMarco, president of the Maryland Health Care for All coalition that advocated for the tax increase.... Read more »

Proposal to raise sales tax on alcohol among most contentious on Md. Legislature’s final day

April 11, 2011

Public health advocates who pushed earlier in the session for an even bigger increase in the alcohol tax were in the capital early Monday to cheer the bill.... Read more »

Md. House gives initial approval to raising alcohol tax from 6 to 9 percent in July

The House debated a major change to the bill for hours after the Ways and Means Committee voted to increase the tax from 6 percent to 9 percent at the start of the next fiscal year, instead of phasing it in over three years. The measure also was changed to allocate $47.5 million of the new revenue for school construction, steering a big portion of the money to large jurisdictions. ... Read more »

House panel wants a 50 percent hike to alcohol taxes

The bills have a ways to go, and not much time before Gov. Martin O'Malley can sign: They need final passage in the House Monday and must be approved by the Senate the same day.... Read more »

Alcohol tax hike passes Md. House committee

Vincent DeMarco, president of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative and the driving force behind the 10-cent legislation, said Saturday’s vote was still a win. “We’re thrilled they’re going to 3 percent now,” he said. “That’s a great public health victory for Maryland.”... Read more »

Alcohol tax hurdles bar: House, Senate measures move ahead in Annapolis

April 8, 2011

The money generated by the sales tax would help to get 5,300 off the Developmental Disabilities Association waiting list, Howell said.... Read more »