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Federal Appeals Court Hears AAM’s Challenge Of Maryland Price Gouging Law

January 29, 2018

Maryland's first-in-the-nation drug price gouging policy, which allows a state attorney general to sue essential generic and off-patent drug makers when the AG believes the drug price was subject to an "unconscionable increase,” became law last May... Read more »

State Legislatures Start Out Strong in 2018 with Bills to Curb Rx Drug Costs

January 23, 2018

With the federal government continuing to take no action to curb drug costs, states legislatures across the country are intensifying their efforts in 2018 to staunch the financial hemorrhage to health care budgets caused by escalating prescription drug costs.... Read more »

Maryland fights prescription drug price-gouging; reader’s letter

January 4, 2018

Delmarva Now Susan Olson, Reader January 2, 2018 If you are taking prescription drugs, you have probably noticed a dramatic increase in prices. This is not necessarily because these drugs are more expensive to manufacture or distribute than they were just a few years ago. The price increases have to do with price-gouging, the unconscionable increase […]... Read more »

AARP Files Friend of the Court Brief in AAM v. Frosh in Support of Maryland’s Anti-Drug-Price-Gouging Law

December 7, 2017

AARP Maryland December 6, 2017 Nancy Carr Consistent with its longstanding efforts to reduce the cost of healthcare for older adults and all Americans, today AARP filed a friend of the court brief in AAM v. Frosh, No. 17-2166, (4th Cir.), supporting Maryland’s recently enacted HB 631—a law that prohibits unconscionable increases in the prices […]... Read more »

Drug price gouging? It’s personal

November 15, 2017

Mighty Maryland shows the way for California and other states willing to stand up against gouging.... Read more »

Share your story about prescription drug price gouging

November 5, 2017

Thanks to a law passed by the Maryland General Assembly in 2017, Attorney General Brian Frosh can take action against pharmaceutical corporations who manufacture generic or off-patent drugs if they raise the price of the drug without justification and in a way that makes it hard for people using the drug to afford it. Are […]... Read more »

Pharma balked when Maryland tried to regulate prescription drug costs; now they have to contend with California

October 16, 2017

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed October 10, 2017   Generic drug manufacturers suffered a setback in court late last month when a federal judge dismissed one half of their argument against a new Maryland law regulating price gouging and cast doubt on the other. They suffered an even bigger one Monday when California Gov. Jerry Brown signed […]... Read more »

Judge: Maryland Can Act Against Drug Price-Gouging, for Now

October 2, 2017

US News & World Report Brian Witte September 29, 2017 ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — An effort by drug makers to block Maryland’s first-in-the-nation law against pharmaceutical price gouging was denied by a federal judge on Friday. A group representing makers of generic prescription drugs sought to stop the law from taking effect this Sunday, calling […]... Read more »

Judge refuses to block Maryland price-gouging law

Baltimore Sun Michael Dresser September 29, 2017 Opponents of a new law allowing Maryland to challenge generic drug price-gouging lost the first round of a legal battle Friday as a federal judge refused to block the measure. U.S. District Judge Marvin J. Garbis turned down a plea by a pharmaceutical industry group to issue an […]... Read more »

Absent federal action, states take the lead on curbing drug costs

Washington Post Shefali Luthra September 29, 2017 Lawmakers in Maryland are daring to legislate where their federal counterparts have not: As of Sunday, the state will be able to sue drug companies over price spikes. A new law, the first of its kind in the country, empowers the state’s attorney general to step in if […]... Read more »