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Health coalition to call for $1 tobacco tax hike

November 15, 2012

Thursday is the Great American Smoke-Out and, in case you need incentive, there‚Äôs a campaign to raise the cigarette tax next year.... Read more »

Baltimore leaders, clergy push for budget fix

May 1, 2012

Faith community leaders said they support increasing the sales tax on little cigars and other tobacco products to 70 percent -- doing so would help expand health care coverage. They also support increasing the state income tax rate.... Read more »

Faith Leaders Want Budget Cuts Restored

Lawmakers are expected to return to Annapolis in mid-May to address the budget situation which also threatens 500 state employee jobs.... Read more »

MD Health Group Pushes for Tobacco Tax Increase

January 11, 2012

If one public health group has its way, the next time you light up in Maryland it could cost you an extra buck.... Read more »

One Maryland group wants to add another dollar to the state cigarette tax

The present tobacco tax goes into the general fund, but Demarco will propose this new tax to be used to expand health care.... Read more »

Group working for new Maryland tobacco tax

If the tax is passed the group wants the money to go towards tobacco prevention programs and to reduce the number of uninsured in the state. ... Read more »

Judge finds part of health care law unconstitutional

December 14, 2010

A court ruling on the new health care law has drawn strong reaction from lawmakers on both sides of the issue.... Read more »