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Health Reform for Faith Leaders

We are blessed to have hundreds of people of faith serving as active leaders in our coalition. To be sure that we are being good partners, we wanted to dedicate special attention to the needs and questions of faith leaders as it relates to new health insurance options.

Faith Steering Committee Calls

We host monthly calls for faith leaders on the first Tuesday of every month at 10AM at 712-432-1500 passcode 144188#. These are usually very brief calls where we share questions and ideas and support one another in outreach. I hope any of you who are interested in joining, find them helpful.

Health Ambassador Program

We train lay ministers about the key components of the Affordable Care Act and how to access local resources to assist with enrolling into those various options. These volunteers then give very brief presentations at different places of worship to share the good news about new health care options. If you would like to have someone come and speak to your congregation in English, Spanish, French, or Korean, please give us a call! Worship bulletin inserts are also available in English, Spanish, Korean and Mandarin and can be printed at your request thanks to support from our funders.

If you are interested in being trained as a Health Ambassador, please let us know.


Model newsletter and bulletin inserts

Many faith leaders have asked us for model bulletin inserts, newsletter articles and announcements to help them raise awareness about new health insurance options and resources. We can provide printed brochures like the one pictured below in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Korean. Interested faith leaders should also contact their local Connector Entities to see if they have materials and other resources.
ACA brochure screen shot english